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At Business Health Institute we help business owners and organisations to flourish, have a healthy workforce, culture, and lifestyle, where productivity and passion come together.  We are Business and Mental Health Specialists. We help business owners by being curious and finding the root causes, through evidenced based, real time data, and acting on insights to create effective solutions.

As a team of experts we offer a flexible and personal service that works for your business; and we have partnered with some of the best, and most rigorously tested data capture providers in the market place.

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6 indicators of workplace stress

Where teams are experiencing stress expect to notice an increase in the following:

  • sickness absence
  • staff turnover
  • reports of stress
  • decreased performance
  • complaints and grievances
  • disagreements

The Facts

As an employer you have a moral and legal responsibility for the physical and mental health of your employees.

It is crucial your business practices are not negatively impacting upon your workforce.

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Individual Symptoms

Behaviours and emotions will change when a person is under stress
An employee may:

  • take more time off
  • arrive for work later
  • be more twitchy or nervous
  • mood swings
  • being withdrawn
  • loss of motivation, commitment and confidence
  • increased emotional reactions – tearful, sensitive or aggressive

Our Services

At Business Health Institute we use behavioural intelligence and technology to support the health of your people and your business. The analysis we provide will help you to recognise, understand and prevent stress and burnout in your workplace.

You benefit from our expertise, flexibility, small agency fees; and with the resources of our global data partners, you get access to the most relevant and up-to-date technology and qualified research.

Stress Less

We give your people the skills and awareness to better manage stress and prevent burnout. By building their resilience you help them become a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

COVID Impact Workplace Survey

Do you know what impact COVID has had on your workforce?

We use a human data intelligence survey, that has been developed in partnership with our partner Afriforte, to understand the emotional impact the pandemic has had on people and how this affects their performance.

COVID Services